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Inspire Health Partners is working with employers to improve employee health status while controlling healthcare benefit expenses.

Higher Quality + Lower Cost = Greater Value

Inspire understands the concerns about the high costs of healthcare. That’s why we partner with employers to improve employee health status while controlling healthcare benefit expenses. Our comprehensive, high quality network of primary care and specialty physicians across southern Indiana is focused on health, and providing coordinated, holistic care and long-term healing relationships for patients, instead of the more traditional approach of episodic care. For employers and their workforces, this may translate to:

  • Improved employee health status;
  • Increased employee productivity;
  • Decreased employee absenteeism;
  • Increased employee healthcare benefits plan satisfaction;
  • Improved employee retention and recruitment, and
  • Increased employer ability to control health benefits expenses.


All of Inspire’s primary care practices have been designated as “Patient Centered Medical Homes” by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Evidence gathered by the NCQA continues to confirm that certified Patient-Centered Medical Homes deliver high quality care that can lead to lower costs, improved patient experience, and better health outcomes.  In these practices, the focus is on providing the patient with ready access to the services they need, and health care is comprehensive and coordinated.

Inspire and our primary care practices are working with xG Health Solutions to continue to transform and improve the way that health care is practiced across our medical communities. Geisinger Health System, the parent company for xG Health Solutions, has used their “Advanced Medical Home” model to great effect, helping West Virginia United Health System to lower hospital admissions among their population by 16%, and lowering hospital readmissions by 17% for employees and their dependents.  Through our work with xG, these are the kinds of results that Inspire’s clinically integrated network of providers will bring to the communities we serve.

Inspire and our physician and hospital partners regularly seek input from area employers and take action to make healthcare improvements. We live and work here in the region and are committed to making our region even better. Our member hospitals are not only healthcare providers, but are the top employers too in their communities, so they understand both sides of the healthcare costs concerns.

Interested in learning how you can add Inspire Health Partners to your health plan? Contact Marc Rothbart at or call 812-376-5444, or 812-524-4204, to discuss how Inspire can support your company’s health plan needs.

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What employers are saying about Inspire:

Jim Bickel

President & Chief Executive Officer, Columbus Regional Health

“As members of Inspire, Columbus Regional Health and Schneck Medical Center are committed to transforming our communities’ healthcare delivery model. Care will be patient-centered focusing on engagement, satisfaction, and shared accountability for health outcomes. We are working on that for our own employee base who are now using the Inspire network, and also to provide that to other employers for their employee health plans.”

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What employers are saying about Inspire:

Warren Forgey

President & Chief Executive Officer, Schneck Medical Center

“As two of the major employers within our communities, Schneck Medical Center and Columbus Regional Health are acutely aware that a healthy population provides both a direct benefit to our patients and an indirect benefit to our communities’ employers. Aligning the efforts of physicians & hospitals and coordinating care will provide patients and communities’ employers with access to a higher value healthcare system that ultimately should result in a more productive and satisfied workforce.”

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