Welcome to Inspire Health Partners

We are a clinically integrated network offering a patient-centered health experience.

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Healthcare Ideals at Work

Inspire is a community-based provider network in Indiana that works to keep its members healthy, while ensuring that when necessary, patients get the right health care, at the right time, in the right setting, in the most cost-effective manner. We are a collaboration among physicians, hospitals and area employers who are working together to improve population health, deliver a better patient experience, and provide more affordable care. We are currently working with Columbus Regional Health, Schneck Medical Center, and physicians across southern Indiana to coordinate and provide top quality patient-centered health care.

For Patients

Inspire improves access to services for patients and enhances the overall healthcare experience.

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For Employers

Inspire partners with employers to improve employee health status while controlling health benefit expenses.

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For Physicians

Inspire supports physicians with the adoption and compliance of evidence-based medical practices for the benefit of their patients.

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What physicians are saying about Inspire:

Dr. Eric Fish

Practicing obstetrician and gynecologist and Chairman of the Inspire Board of Managers

“As a physician, I am excited about Inspire Health Partners. The goal to deliver seamless care that results in superior patient experiences and outcomes is perfectly aligned with why I chose to practice medicine. I think Inspire will provide significant benefit to patients in terms of better outcomes and patient satisfaction. In addition, I expect Inspire will increase convenience by streamlining paperwork and avoiding redundant testing.”

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What employers are saying about Inspire:

Jim Bickel

President & Chief Executive Officer, Columbus Regional Health

“As members of Inspire, Columbus Regional Health and Schneck Medical Center are committed to transforming our communities’ healthcare delivery model. Care will be patient-centered focusing on engagement, satisfaction, and shared accountability for health outcomes. We are working on that for our own employee base who are now using the Inspire network, and also to provide that to other employers for their employee health plans.”

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What employers are saying about Inspire:

Warren Forgey

President & Chief Executive Officer, Schneck Medical Center

“As two of the major employers within our communities, Schneck Medical Center and Columbus Regional Health are acutely aware that a healthy population provides both a direct benefit to our patients and an indirect benefit to our communities’ employers. Aligning the efforts of physicians & hospitals and coordinating care will provide patients and communities’ employers with access to a higher value healthcare system that ultimately should result in a more productive and satisfied workforce.”

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