ACO Public Reporting:

ACO Name and Location:

Inspire Health Partners, LLC
2400 East 17th Street,
Columbus, IN 47201

ACO Primary Contact:

Marc E. Rothbart, President

Organizational Information:

  • ACO Participants
ACO Participants ACO Participant in Joint Venture (Enter Y or N)
Jackson County Schneck Memorial Hospital     – Y
Family Medical Center, P.C.                                  – Y
Columbus Regional Health Physicians, LLC      – Y

ACO Governing Body:

Members Member’s Voting Power – Expressed as a percentage or number Membership Type ACO Participant Legal Business Name/DBA, if Applicable
Last Name First Name Title/Position
Fish, MD Eric Chairperson 10% ACO Participant Jackson County Schneck Memorial Hospital
Dorenbusch, MD Michael Vice-Chairperson 10% ACO Participant Columbus Regional Health Physicians, LLC
Bickel Jim Secretary 10% ACO Participant Columbus Regional Health Physicians, LLC
Forgey Warren Treasurer 10% ACO Participant Jackson County Schneck Memorial Hospital
Crowder, MD Slade Board Member 10% ACO Participant Columbus Regional Health Physicians, LLC
Lemming, MD Nick Board Member 10% ACO Participant Family Medical Center, P.C.
Mann Debbie Board Member 10% ACO Participant Jackson County Schneck Memorial Hospital
Sonderman, MD Tom Board Member Nil ACO Participant Columbus Regional Health Physicians, LLC
Meyer Gary Board Member 10% Medicare Beneficiary Representative  
Weatherwax Marlene Board Member 10% ACO Participant Columbus Regional Health Physicians, LLC
Whittington Mark Board Member 10% Community Stakeholder Representative  


Key ACO clinical and administrative leadership:

Marc Rothbart ACO Executive
Salde Crowder, MD Medical Director
Marlene Weatherwax Compliance Officer
Nick Lemming, MD Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer

Associated committees and committee leadership:

Primary Care Leadership Committee
Chairperson: Nick Lemming, MD

  • Committee Members:
    • Slade Crowder, MD
    • Eric Fish, MD
    • John Fye, MD
    • Kathy Franklin
    • David Hartung, DO
    • Teresa Kaufman
    • Sherri Maxie
    • Meghan McAlister
    • Dale Matern
    • David Rau, MD
    • Ilya Schwartzman, MD
    • Thomas Sonderman, MD
    • Shery Tiemeyer
    • Susan Zabor
  • Primary Care Leadership Subcommittee: Ambulatory PI Committee
    Chairperson: Slade Crowder, MD & John Fye, MD
  • Committee Members:
    • Lindsay Anderson, MD
    • Teresa Kaufman
    • Dale Matern
    • Jeryll MacDonald
    • Julie Peters, LPN
    • David Rau, MD
    • Kathleen Smith, MD
  • Primary Care Leadership Subcommittee: Care Management Committee
    Chairperson: Susan Zabor & Staci Glick
  • Committee Members:
    • Judy Clip
    • Jennifer Grant
    • Kim Nobbe
    • Julie Peters, LPN
    • Sheri Tiemeyer
  • Primary Care Leadership Subcommittee: Best Practice Team
    Chairperson: Teresa Kaufman & Dale Matern
  • Committee Members:
    • Crystal Adams
    • John Fye, MD
    • Dale Matern
    • Meghan McAlister
    • Andrea Mernitz, MD
    • Julie Peters, LPN
    • Ilya Schwartzman, MD

Quality Committee
Chairperson: Eric Fish, MD
Vice-Chairperson: Thomas Sonderman, MD

  • Committee Members:
    • Kathy Brock
    • Randall Brown, MD
    • Slade Crowder, MD
    • Bradley Morin, MD
    • Susan Zabor

Finance Committee
Chairperson: Marlene Weatherwax
Co-Chairperson: Debbie Mann
Vice-Chairperson: R. Andrew Robertson, MD

  • Committee Members:
    • John Budd
    • Michael Dorenbusch, MD
    • Melinda Hunnicutt, MD
    • Makenzie Smith
    • Pamela Snook-Tidd, MD

Information Technology Committee
Chairperson: Slade Crowder, MD
Vice-Chairperson: Craig Rice

  • Committee Members:
    • Steve Baker
    • Steve Champion, MD
    • David Hartung, DO
    • Bradley Morin, MD
    • Debbie Mann
    • Charlene Mellencamp
    • Gregory Sargent
    • Ilya Schwartzman, MD

Membership and Credentialing Committee
Chairperson: John Fye, MD
Vice-Chairperson: Alan Watanabe, MD

  • Committee Members:
    • Gina Bane
    • Michael Kilpatrick, MD
    • David Rau, MD
    • Thomas Sonderman, MD
    • David Thompson, MD

Types of ACO participants or combinations of participants that formed the ACO:

Partnerships or joint venture arrangements between hospitals and ACO professionals.

Shared Savings and Losses:

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • N/A

Shared Savings Distribution and Investment

  • N/A

Payment Rule Waivers

No, our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver

Quality Performance Results

Our ACO did not participate in the Shared Savings Program in the previous performance year, therefore this section is not applicable at this time.

Preferred Skilled Nursing Facilities:

Inspire Health Partners has designated the following 4 skilled nursing facilities from Bartholomew County as preferred facilities consistent with applicable law in an effort to increase quality of care, promote the efficient use of healthcare resources in our community, and work to increase patient satisfaction with their health care providers across the continuum of care.  These facilities, along with Inspire Health Partners, look to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and readmission, promote the coordination of care between and among the skilled nursing facilities and other providers in the community, and provide better reporting of health care data among providers involved with each patient’s care.

1) Silver Oaks

2) Four Seasons

3) Willow Crossing

4) Columbus Transitional Care